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More Than 2 Million Thanks

I can't say for sure how much of it was the work of actual Mets fans like you who came here on purpose, how much of it was the misfortune of music-minded Googlers typing in the phrase “Top 500 Songs” and finding my Convoy-driven list [1] instead of that from a more familiar source or how much of it had to do with those endlessly sticky phantom trackbacks from offshore casinos and easy-mortgage refinanciers that never seem to go away, but Faith and Fear in Flushing's total page views for 2007 added up to 2,162,094.

2,162,094…it's even got 162 in the middle…a full season. More than some teams managed to play all-out in 2007.

Statistically, that's almost 50% more than the page views we garnered in 2006 [2] when we had a surefire division title in our pocket from the start of the year and several weeks worth of hopeful playoff talk to maintain your autumnal interest rather than loads of lamentation with which to fill up October, November and December.

Numerically, it looks like a lot, whatever it means.

From our hearts, it rates a simple wow from Jason and me. That and a brimming bowl of gratitude to everybody who makes Faith and Fear a regular stop on their baseball rounds. We'll do what we can in 2008 to keep you coming back.

Thank you.