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Scenes From a Municipal Stadium

The other long-rumored appearance at Shea Stadium by a superstar performer has been confirmed, as Billy Joel [1] (seen here gazing in awe toward the site of the legendary Johan Santana press conference) will indeed play the final concert at what VH1 Classic [2] referred to recently as “the most hallowed turf” in rock. Given that the show will go on July 16 [3], during the All-Star break, we hope it doesn’t become the most hollowed-out turf in baseball when the Mets return for the second half.For those of you scoring at home, Billy Joel leads the Top 500 [4] circuit with nine separate hits, from “Only The Good Die Young” at No. 11 to “A Matter of Trust” at No. 466. Though he has not released an album of new material in 15 years, he has certainly grown as a person and as an artist. For example, his headwear is officially more awesome now than it’s ever been.

Big man on Roosevelt Avenue, indeed.