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Back When the Mets Were a Pup

Reader Matt L. asked [1] if we knew of any pictures of Polo Grounds top dog Homer the beagle. As your full-service Mets blog of choice, we scanned this one from Jack Lang’s The New York Mets: Twenty-Five Years of Baseball Magic and present it to all of Metstopotamia to enjoy. According to the caption in the book, Homer, sponsored by Rheingold, “was the official mascot of the Mets and had his own seat on a platform behind home plate.”

Are we like the funnest franchise ever, or what?

As long as we’re borrowing a picture from Mr. Lang, it’s a good time to ask you to please consider supporting Jack Lang Day [2] at Shea on April 26, wherein tickets in several sections of the ballpark are being sold to raise funds for the Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island.