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Beating Yourselves Doesn't Count as a Win

They've got all kinds of banners and signs posted in Nationals Park. They might want to add this one around first after last night [1]:

Under this glove pass the loveliest double play balls in the world.

To paraphrase from Jackie Mason's description of Ronald Reagan's presidency, Carlos Delgado is a wonderful baseball player, a terrific baseball player, a marvelous baseball player…it's just that baseball isn't his field.

Cripes. I know Oliver Perez decided to start the second game of a doubleheader in the middle of the one that was going just fine…and Aaron Heilman joined Jorge Sosa in popularizing the new Mets bullpen slam dance craze…and that Angel Hernandez remains, as my partner pointed out to me, an unindicted war criminal…but it was Delgado's inability or unwillingness to bend sufficiently down that I recall most miserably this groggy Friday morning. Carlos can be pissed off at the Worst Umpire in the World for smirking and muttering his calls, but he should be more pissed off at himself. Twenty-two, twenty-three guys who dress similarly can feel the same way.

So much for the knock on the Mets that they only win against lousy teams since they didn't do even that much Thursday — though to be fair, they did kind of defeat themselves.

Your 2008 Mets: They could be better, they could be worse, they don't look, after an eighth of a season, like they'll have much to do with the playoffs. And I could make pretty much the same assessment of Nationals Park…which I'll get around to doing in the very near future.