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Endless Summer … of 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, here they are, your 2007 New York Mets!

Wait, what's that? You're sure? But I see…

…a pathetic lack of offense

…indifferent defense

…inefficient starting pitching

…scattershot relief

…mental mistakes

…can-do blather from authority figures

…no indication that anybody wearing the uniform is ready to stand up and say enough's enough.

I thought that extra-inning win against the Phillies had finally lanced this infection (don't listen, Schneider), with the first two games at the Ex-Vet letting the poison drain out. But I was wrong. By too many indications this is the same badly constructed, poorly led, sadly complacent team I came to thoroughly dislike last year. Last summer I found out something I pretty much knew anyway, and would happily have gone to my grave never having confirmed: It's no fun disliking your favorite team. It turns one of the nicest things in life into a trial, and the best part of the year into a sweaty version of winter. I'd really, really like never to feel that way again, or at least not to know that dreadful feeling more than once a generation or so. But these days and nights feel horribly familiar.

I know I don't want to feel that way again. I take it on faith that most of the guys in the clubhouse and running the team don't want to feel that way again. But I can't do anything about it except type while steam whistles out of my ears. Since that's not true of them, I have only one question: Which one of you is going to put your foot down and inform all concerned that it's not acceptable for this year to be like last year?

6 comments to Endless Summer … of 2007

  • Anonymous

    I'm going to say it for the 100th time.
    This team is going nowhere without serious personnel changes starting at the top. Willie Randolph cannot coach this team anymore. It's not a fit. Everyone on this planet realizes it. It's time for Jeff and Fred to as well.
    Ditch these terrible bullpen arms and bring up young, hungry guys in the minors. They can't be worse.
    Release Delgado immediately. The Blue Jays had the guts to do it with Thomas. It's time for the Mets to do the same. He can no longer hit, nor field. There is no reason to have him on this club.
    Time to make moves…and make them now. Enough is seriously enough already. I don't want excuses, turn arounds, its on April, enough enough enough. It's not going to change with this group and everyone knows it. Time to give some young guys down on the farm a shot.

  • Anonymous

    There's the unwritten 40 game rule. Rest guys, give the manager a last chance. Guys on the DL will have the chance to come back.
    Sadly, but perhaps fortunately, I see changes after 40 games.

  • Anonymous

    See ya in the Pepsi Panic Area!

  • Anonymous

    i had been thinking of taking the kids to last night's game — it would have been their first of the season — but after thursday night, i said no way. not only was the crowd going to be ugly, and understandably so, but i just didn't think the mets would show much of anything. when i told them, they weren't even disappointed (showing their perspective is superior to their old man's). my daughter laughed and said “dad, i can't remember you ever being this way about the mets; it's always, 'let's go to shea.' ”
    then as we watch the game (from the relatively inexpensive confines of our living room), my son thinks it's great about the four walks in a row (aided by two extremely home-friendly calls during david wright's at-bat) and the 3-1 lead. and yet, EXACTLY LIKE SEPTEMBER, i know in my bones it won't last and the mets are going to lose.
    i don't like being right about this. but i said last year, and i think it's more valid than ever: sometimes the manager is exactly the person who needs to go.

  • Anonymous

    While probably not the time to panic, it may be time to adjust expectations. Luke warm 22 game start, sample size and all that aside, this team is about two games under .500 over the last five months.
    Fred has luxury boxes to sell for next year and Omar is unlikely to survive the construction of a mediocre team with a payroll of $135 million. I'm not sure he deserves to, either.
    In the interest of self-preservation, I could see Omar giving Randolph the axe in relatively short order.
    What time is it in Japan now, anyway?

  • Anonymous

    My Ma and brother were out last week from Ireland , just for the week so Friday night was the only chance to take him to a baseball game , could we have gone and sen a more abject Mets performance? , the whole night was horrible with the abuse three young Brave fans were getting near us , the fight that we saw in the stands , not a good advert for the game.