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Nick Evans in a Nutshell

With Moises Alou and Marlon Anderson on the Disabled List, the Mets desperately reached down to Double-A Binghamton and brought up Nick Evans, the first Met born in 1986, stuck him in left field and he doubled three times in his first game, driving in two runs and making a bunch of catches as the Mets broke a five-game losing streak in Colorado.

Nick Evans has to be back out there tomorrow.

Nick Evans can’t be sent down.

Nick Evans has turned Alou into Wally Pipp (except Pipp is healthier).

Nick Evans should be moved to first when Alou comes back.

Nick Evans has to bat higher in the order.

How could they send Nick Evans down?

Will Nick Evans be recalled when they expand the rosters?

Can you believe where Nick Evans finished in the Rookie of the Year voting?

Did you see Nick Evans on Mets Hot Stove?

Did you see Nick Evans in the first exhibition game?

You’ve got to pencil in Nick Evans for the Opening Day roster.

You’ve got to put Nick Evans in the Opening Day lineup.

Nick Evans deserves Player of the Week.

Nick Evans deserves Player of the Month.

Can you believe they don’t have Nick Evans t-shirts in the clubhouse store?

Can you believe Nick Evans didn’t make the All-Star team?

You just hope they can build something around David Wright and Nick Evans.

You just hope they can build something around Nick Evans and David Wright.

It’s good to see Nick Evans taking more of a leadership role.

Nick Evans may be the future captain of this team.

Nick Evans was screwed in the MVP voting.

Nick Evans was screwed when they renewed his contract.

I can’t believe how many Nick Evans jerseys you see at Citi Field.

I can’t believe how many homers Nick Evans has already.

Nick Evans is leading the league in RBI.

Nick Evans is leading all first basemen in All-Star votes.

Nick Evans is leading the Mets in curtain calls.

Thank god they signed Nick Evans to a long-term extension.

Nick Evans is off to a slow start but he’ll snap out of it.

Nick Evans is beginning to show signs, but he’s not quite there.

I can’t believe some idiots actually booed Nick Evans today.

The fans are really on Nick Evans, and at this point I can’t blame them.

Is Nick Evans ever going to break out of this slump?

Nick Evans shouldn’t have said what he said to reporters, even if he probably had a point there.

I wonder what they can get for Nick Evans.

They’ve got to think about trading Nick Evans.

Nick Evans is a nice guy and all, but it’s becoming painfully obvious he needs a change of scenery.

Nick Evans has got to go.

Hallelujah, we unloaded Nick Evans’ contract.

We’re better off without Nick Evans.

We haven’t been able to replace Nick Evans.

It’s hard to look at anybody wearing 6 and not see Nick Evans.

You’d have to say trading Nick Evans was a mistake.

I wonder if we can get Nick Evans back.

Nick Evans is a free agent this offseason — I wouldn’t mind signing him again if they can do it on the cheap.

Hooray! We got Nick Evans back!

Man, Nick Evans is not what he used to be.

Releasing Nick Evans was best for all concerned.

Didja hear? Nick Evans retired.

Do you remember Nick Evans? The Mets brought up him up when they were desperate for outfielders in 2008 and he doubled three times, knocked in two runs, played a respectable left and helped the Mets break a losing streak. It was pretty exciting.

Whaddaya suppose ever happened to Nick Evans?

12 comments to Nick Evans in a Nutshell

  • Anonymous

    What, no mention of his extensive managerial career?
    It's good they named a former player. He'll be able to relate to the guys.
    Man, does he have the pulse of this team down!
    You show em, Nicky! Kick that dirt!
    Wow, none of our managers ever made the playoffs in his first season. Not even Gil!
    Just because we watch Greys Anatomy doesn't mean we're doctors. He knows his players better than we do.
    They HAVE to offer him an extension, or just get rid of him. Otherwise he's a lame duck.
    Gwon, man! Get out there and kick some dirt!
    Ouch, that's cruel: “WILPONS TO MANAGER- DROP DEAD”
    Dude, is that Nick Evans doing the pregame show on ESPN6?

  • Anonymous

    will he go in as a Met?

  • Anonymous

    I'd have been more excited if Fox Sports hadn't kept mentioning that the last guy to do all the cool things Evans did in his MLB debut was Kaz Matsui.
    (Don't get me wrong, I was still pretty excited.)

  • Anonymous

    I don't think it's true, but if Nick Evans is gay, so what? That's his own business.

  • Anonymous

    This post needs to be a t-shirt. A floor-length one, if necessary. (Hey, I'd wear it!)

  • Anonymous

    Savor the moment. Even if it was only a brief respite. Nick Evans served up a fine cathartic brew today.
    Evans played at Bing last night. Had to have changed planes somewhere to get to Denver. Evans was running on p!ss and vinegar.

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe Nick Evans told that reporter he'd “show him Scarsdale.”

  • Anonymous

    Greg – David Wright is jealous of your man crush.

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe Nick Evans signed with the Yankees.
    After all those years as a Met he should know better.

  • Anonymous

    Nick Evans Conflagrates In Media Firestorm!
    Seriously, though, what a great day for that kid. Coming up from AA and hitting three doubles in his first big game.

  • Anonymous

    From Newsday –
    The past 24 hours were anything but normal for Evans, who was pulled from leftfield in Binghamton with one out in the ninth Friday night. At first he thought it was because he botched a fly ball earlier in the game that turned into an inside-the-park home run. After B-Mets manager Mako Olivares told him he got the call – Marlon Anderson went down Friday with a strained left hamstring – Evans took a connecting flight through Detroit in the morning that got him to Denver by 10:10 a.m. for the 1:55 p.m. start.
    When the wide-eyed Evans arrived, he looked as if he had been summoned from Little League, not the Eastern League. “It's about time you showed up,” closer Billy Wagner yelled from a clubhouse table. “We've been waiting.”
    The bewildered Evans, who had yet to sleep or eat since Friday's call, slipped on a batting- practice jersey with the No. 6 and stood there half-dressed before assistant general manager Tony Bernazard, the vice president of player development, went over to check on him at his locker. “You ready?” Bernazard asked. Said Evans, “I don't have any pants yet.”