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Sinking Ship Retains Captain, Maintains Trajectory

The big meeting took place. Willie Randolph is still the manager. Omar Minaya says he will be until he's not, more or less.

Jose Reyes has been on base in each of his past 25 games. Carlos Delgado has hit three home runs since Thursday. A Nationals loss this afternoon extended the Mets' fourth-place lead to three lengths, five in the all-important loss column.

Things are looking up, eh?

Heading out there now to tell them what a good job they've been doing. I'll try not to cause undue harm to small animals along the way.

5 comments to Sinking Ship Retains Captain, Maintains Trajectory

  • Anonymous

    Got any more of that Kool Aid?

  • Anonymous

    Management is fostering a faux atmosphere that nothing is wrong. Teams contending for a pennant do not change management in mid-season. Tantamount to an admission of failure – heh. Negative impact on gate and SNY receipts.
    A bit like Hillary remaining in the Dem race. She can't win but talks like she can. Keeps those contributions coming.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn't it Michael Ray Richardson who said 'The ship be sinking'? We're almost to the point where Derrick Coleman's immortal 'whoopdedamndoo' would be more appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    While I always felt the Mets were stuck with Carlos Delgado at first, the Mets should just eat up the remainder of his multi-million dollar contract by either regulating him to the bench or releasing him outright.
    At the end of his career, he cannot be blamed for his dwindling skills which now covers a season and a third but otherwise Delgado deserves little accolade since he dogs it on the field and at the plate (still doesn't bust it out of the box on deep flies)and I will not even attempt to conject his attitude in the clubhouse, even based upon yesterday's interview with all those expletitives.
    Doubt this will wake up the remainder of the sleeping giant – perhaps Omar said it best by stating what looks like a championship club on paper does not mean a championship team on the field. If anything, give Evans a chance at his natural position. If the season is to be lost, at least we're in the processing of replacing one of parts for the next one. Even if Evans doesn't work out, how much worse could a replacement be compared to a .215 hitting first baseman whose glove is a liability in the field? While his stats have fizzled, Adam LaRoche's contract talks with Pittsburgh have fizzled as well; Conor Jackson has taken over first base for Arizona so either him or the returning Chad Tracy could be on the trading block – if only the Mets have something either Arizona or Pittsburgh could use in return (certainly, they won't take Delgado).

  • Anonymous

    Pitssburgh might, because they're…well…Pittsburgh (cf. Morris, Matt)