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Carlin and Kiner, Go Watch Them Now

CharlieH has alerted us that the late George Carlin is visiting Kiner's Korner right this very minute, right here [1]. It's a rain delay clip identified as having run in the summer of '89 (though a reference in George's and Ralph's conversation makes me think it's from a year later, but whatever). It's also nine minutes of bliss, both men in tip-top baseball-talkin' form. I'd say it belongs in the Hall of Fame, but it's probably too good for Cooperstown. A YouTube where corporate copyright hounds keep their pants on would suffice, because these are nine transcendent Met minutes that deserve to be played in a loop for all and for all time.

As wait-out-the-tarp fare goes, it surely beats Beer Money. When it comes to rain delays and men named Carlin, accept no substitutes.

Kudos to archivist extraordinaire jphilips41 for fighting/flaunting the power and getting this up there. Kudos to the Brooklyn Dodgers fan from White Harlem who stuck by the Mets for many a decade. Kudos to Kiner just for being Ralph.