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Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Watch Ball

The New York Giants entered the National League in 1883. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in 1886. This was the original design.

No, not really. If you haven’t noticed, MLB is putting up baseball-themed SOLs up all over Manhattan to promote the All-Star Game which is being held…somehwere. The NYG version [1] is in front of the Toys “R” Us in Times Square (44th Street). They also managed to remember the Brooklyn Dodgers [2] down on Whitehall Street, home of Topps.

The Mets, you ask? One for the Mets in Penn Plaza [3], Seventh Avenue between 32nd and 33rd; and one for Shea [4] (in which Lady Liberty appears to be holding a box of commemorative popcorn) in front of the SNY studios, 51st and 6th. A map to where all 42 are lifting their lamp is here [5], and, because this is Major League Baseball, a way to order miniatures of the statue(s) of your choice is here [6].

Thanks to Hotfoot [7]‘s Mets Photostream for getting us curious about all this Liberty on the Fourth of July.