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The Sushi Shack

I suppose if I grabbed enough of these and rounded up enough paste I could reconstruct a couple of original 1964-style wooden Shea Stadium seats with their contents. What is being charged for the plastic variety could sure buy a lot of salmon rolls.

This is a wrapper from a pair of chopsticks from theĀ much praised [1] andĀ highly guarded [2] (if you don’t have Field Level tickets) Daruma of Tokyo of Great Neck stand, my all-time Shea concession destination. I’ve heard no word whether Daruma will alight anew in Citi Field but if they do, watch for snarky stories about how this new fancy boutique venue, it deigns to sell…sushi, as if it hadn’t been on the menu at the people’s park for more than a decade.

As with Carlos Delgado’s 2008, toss away your preconceived notions and try it before saying goodbye to Shea. You won’t be sorry.