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Faith and Fear in Flushing made its debut on Feb. 16, 2005, the brainchild of two longtime friends and lifelong Met fans.

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Putting Cubbies First

Red state? Blue state? Forget that stuff.

It's Cubs Nation!

As long as they keep on beating the Phillies, they're my favorite team that isn't my favorite team.

One game up, 28 games to go…Yes We Can!

FRIDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: Cubs come from behind for a second day in a row and beat the Phillies 3-2, extending the Mets' lead, albeit temporarily, to 1½ games. Philly was ahead before they were behind…now that's change we can all believe in!

12 comments to Putting Cubbies First

  • Anonymous

    I find myself every year kind of liking the Cubs..just because..they're less harmless than a baby bear.
    Like the Red Sox did, they have a pretty loyal fanbase for never having won.
    So if the baseball gods chose based on 'magic'…who wins between the Cubs and the Rays this year? My money's on the Mets.
    I have faith in the Cubs to do well against the Phillies. They took the game against their 'ace', and no reason why they can't win at least two out of three here. I think yesterday around 9:30 is when the Phillies may have said good bye to first place for the next dozen years or so.
    don't pump up the Cubs too much though, we stlil have to face them in September, and even if we no longer have the Phillies to worry about then, we still need to win 3-1 to take a slim one game edge in the all-time season series against them.

  • Anonymous

    You know how pennant races go, C. Your best friend is your worst enemy three weeks later (just as your worst enemy from 1969, 1984, 1989 and 1998 can be your best friend for four days in 2008).
    Hey hey holy mackerel!

  • Anonymous

    Harmless? BEARS? Ceetar, bears are giant, marauding, godless killing machines without a soul. (Just ask the Phillies.)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Greg,
    Had a tough decision to make: continuue listening to the Cub-Philly game on WPHT with the Phillies ahead 4-1 or watch Obama speak to the chants of “Yes We Can” . Gave into the historic moment and missed hearing that great eighth inning comeback via Fotenot's solo shot and Ramerez's grand slam.
    So now we see Philly score early then the bats go cold with great starting pitching performances blown by the bullpen….

  • Anonymous

    I hate the Cubs. For one thing, they're the Yankees of Chicago. For another, their fans are horribly irritating and awfully cocky every time their team puts together a good season. I had a Cubs fan on my case for a week last October, until the Diamondbacks mercifully shut him up. I cannot understand it. If they want to trash a Cards fan or a Brewers fan, I get it. That's natural. But for a Cubs fan to boast how much better their team is than yours?! Drives me nuts.
    Of course, until Monday, go Cubbies.
    In fact, Go Cubbies into September. Clinch that division on 9/21, so that we may benefit from playing your Triple A affiliate at Shea. If that can't be done, then please let us help you choke the division away.

  • Anonymous

    I'd say we should start chanting that during that week in September if it works out well, but I doubt anyone would get it.
    I'm tired of scoreboard watching the Phillies. I hate them, can the Mets just put together a stretch here give me a little relaxation? please? ;-)

  • Anonymous

    A stretch? Like over the next 11 games we go 9-2 while the Phillies go 3-8? That'd be great. That would leave us, let's see, seven games up with sevent–
    We're in it for the long haul, folks.

  • Anonymous

    Heavens to Newhan, Kevin… that was soooooo not right of you. >:-(
    I'm eternally grateful that I'm mathematically challenged and never could have come up with that ugly equation.

  • Anonymous

    I know, I'm sorry. I just can't get over the fact that if stretches like those (9-2, 3-8) actually happened, not a single one of us would feel good about it. We'd probably be more terrified than we are right now. Crazy.
    Aren't pennant races supposed to fun? And hey, if anyone on these boards works for Maalox, now's the time to call into SNY about commercial time.

  • Anonymous

    I don't know if “Yankees of Chicago” is an entirely accurate analogy. For one, they don't use that abomination called the DH. For another, they sure haven't won the World Series in a while. Oh wait, never mind, in that respect the analogy is perfect.

  • Anonymous

    I would feel good about it. I don't buy into that 'well it happened last year' waah waah..the Yankees made the playoffs last year too, doesn't mean they will this year. This team is better, the bullpen is better, although without Wagner I guess that's not as solid an improvement, but I still think Sanchez, Ayala, Stokes is better by miles than Sele, Sosa, Mota. Add in the fact that Santana seems to be able to step up and help, rather then throw it away early. For all the 'flat' and 'no fight' comments..the Mets did actually ahve some of that, it was just that the bullpen blew lead after lead (within a game even) that they could only come back so many times.
    The Phillies bullpen is _finally_ showing signs of reverting to what they really are. We knew they weren't as good ast hey were preforming, and it looks like the season might finally be catching up with them. It'd be a travesty if they lost to the Phillies in the regular season, at least in '06 it was the playoffs and 'anything can happen', but to lose to such a clearly inferior team over 162? It'd be worse than last year.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Cub fans would be sympathetic to Met fans… long-suffering, dedicated, etc. It turns out they still hold quite the grudge from '69 and hate us for “stealing” their playoff spot. By that logic, shouldn't we hate them for stealing our spot in '84, '98 and 2005? At least we did something with it in '69! I've mentioned here before how abusive they were to the Missus and me in Wrigley in '03. Screw them.
    Hate the Chisox too, for stealing Seaver from us. But I did root for them in the WS just to stick it to Cub fans. In some respects the Cubs/Sox are analagous to the Yanks/Mets: one team gets all the attention and media hype, irrespective of actual merit.