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Frost & Found

Early this morning, in a month when baseball is still being played fairly close to this latitude, there was frost that required scraping from my windshield. That’s the first sign that winter’s creepin’ in and I’m tired of this town again.

I’m already tired of winter and it’s October.

It was enough to make me calculate, for the fourth consecutive offseason, the coming of the Baseball Equinox, that precise moment when we are as close to the last pitch of the last season as we are to the first pitch of the next season. Everything from that point forward means there is hope for us yet, that next year is almost here, that you can make out, ever so fuzzily, baseball over the horizon. That’s when you can start counting down in earnest to pitchers and catchers. You can start doing it now if you must, but my ballological clock is still set to 2008 time. I remain stuck on how we sprung back to second and I’m not nearly ready to consider how we might fall ahead to first.

Anyway, on to the big number…

The 2008 season ended for Met intents and purposes on September 28 at 5:05 PM. The 2009 season will begin at approximately 2:15 PM on April 6. That places our Baseball Equinox at 3:40 AM, January 2. That’s a Friday, if you’re scoring at home (or even if you’re by yourself).

Stay warm. Keep the faith. Go Rays.