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Our Flag Was Still There

Remember those innocent times when the league standings flags flew around the perimeter of Shea Stadium? Here’s our flag. It’s up for auction [1] in the latest batch of treasures and trivia trafficked by MeiGray.

And the Mets didn’t want to hold on to this authentic swatch of their history and fly it or at least display it at their new ballpark…why?

Sell the men’s room sign [2]. Sell the ashtray [3]. Sell the excruciatingly rare onion and relish holder [4]. But for the love of all that should be at least a little bit sacred [5] and kind of holy, keep our flag where everybody can see it and salute it.

Runner-up for least appropriate item to sell instead of keeping and showing off in the current lot? I’d say this picture [6] commemorating the official naming of the franchise. That seems vaguely important in the scheme of things. Even if M. Donald Satan is in the photo, why wouldn’t this be worth showing off somewhere on Met grounds?

And this thing [7] is way too cool to be letting out of the family. If I were a Knight of Pythias, I’d be rather insulted. Some “fine civic attitude” selling it demonstrates.