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All Credit to Shea Then!

MORE: Must you wear those clothes, Will?
ROPER: Yes, I Must
MORE: Why?
ROPER: The time has come for decent men to declare their allegiance!
MORE: And what allegiance are those designed to express?
ROPER: My allegiance to the Church.
MORE: Well, you look like a Spaniard.
ROPER: All credit to Spain then!

The above exchange between Sir Thomas More and William Roper, which takes place at the top of the second act of “A Man For All Seasons,” caught my ear when I saw the recent Broadway revival a few weeks back [1]. I had used intermission to visit the men’s lounge (as they call it in the theater) and noticed I was the only patron of the arts wearing a sweatshirt celebrating Shea Stadium as THE GREATEST BALLPARK EVER!

The greatest garment ever, in my estimation, is the Mets Starter jacket I received for my 18th birthday, a few of its magic powers chronicled [2] on its 26th anniversary. I brought it with me to the Pepsi Picnic Area during the last week of the last Shea season so the talented photographer David G. Whitham could shoot it in its natural habitat one final time.

Whatever you’re wearing at the moment, enjoy more of Dave’s artistry at the dgwPhotography blog here [3].