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Miracle, You Say?

MIRACLE ON THE HUDSON is a headline I would have hoped to have seen describe some incredible play some incredible second baseman made on our behalf (a second baseman who's still sitting out there [1] on the open market, FYI). But this other thing [2] will do, too.

Having grudgingly rewatched Game Seven of the 2006 NLCS on MLBN the other night, I could have told you that you can never trust birds [3].

And this Sully [4] guy? Can't say I've seen a better save — or does Capt. Sullenberger get the hold and the ferry crews [5] the save? As a Mets fan who survived the icy plunge of late innings last August and September, I'd forgotten what a save looked like.

The 2:35 mark here [6] confirms we know a little something about miracles. US Airways Flight 1549…about as close to 1969 as you can get in real life. Nice work.

Very nice.

Crass promotional announcement latched onto the tail end of true heroism: Flashback Friday returns to this space in one week.