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‘I’m Tellin’ Ya, It Was Sourdough’

Longtime Faith and Fear reader Jason Gerrish is a big fan of the banner he remembers from the Gate A Field Level entrance inside the late, great Shea Stadium, that of Casey Stengel and a man in blue discussing, perhaps, the size of a really good loaf of bread. Or maybe they’re arguing about baseball. Whatever’s going on above, there’s no argument that Jason would like to track down a print of said picture (this one’s from his cell phone) and so far has come up empty. When the banner was put up for auction, it was listed in the ritzy neighborhood of $2,500, and Mr. Gerrish, like any Mets fan, was aghast at the price. Sure, maybe for a beer in 2009…

Anyway, I haven’t been successful tracking down any info on this picture, which I gauge as having been taken during the 1964 season, judging from the right-sleeve patch and lack of number on Casey’s shirt. If anybody knows anything, pleaseĀ pass it on [1]. Thanks.