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Here Comes 1969 Again

Back when the strongest substance in any major league clubhouse was brine (so as to toughen Nolan Ryan's finger against blisters), the New York Mets became champions of the baseball world. Presumably because it's the 40th anniversary of the 1969 triumph of triumphs, SNY is bringing back from Mets Classics [1] mothballs World Series Games Two through Five every night this week at 7:30, starting tonight. They make for fairly fascinating viewing [2] simply for television's sake. Throw in the Mets becoming champions of the baseball world, and ya think there's something better on?

Also this week, the Mets will win the 2006 National League East (Tuesday, 2 PM); beat the Giants on two balks and a blast (Wednesday, 1 PM); and ride two Robin Ventura grand slams to a doubleheader sweep over the Brewers (Thursday, 1:30 PM). Not that Mets Classics trend toward the predictable or anything.