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Wiffle Park at Chapman Yards

I loved this patio from theĀ first time I saw it in 2007 [1]. It was built by the First Family of Mets Fandom, the Chapmans of Central Jersey, to accommodate Wiffle Ball, the sport of kings andĀ Mets Guys [2] everywhere. The hard infield made Baltimore chops a specialty. The outfield fence marked 69 feet from home plate. Beverages were available right inside that screen door. The only element missing was proper fan seating. The blue chairs were all right, but they had to be scavenged from Veterans Stadium, meaning who knows whose bottoms wallowed in them?

But now the home team can sit properly on the first base side in these just-installed beautiful orange seats from gorgeous Shea Stadium. They’re Mets fan-tested, Mets fan-approved. And you can’t go wrong with orange and blue, even blue that was miscast in the Philadelphia Penal Colony for several seasons.