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Overdress ‘Til May

Weather.com says the temperature at this hour in Corona is 66 degrees and they’ve got a great forecast for this evening in the area. Don’t believe a word of it. In case you think World Class Citi Field improved all the amenities, the climate at night in April still veers to the Shealike. Windier maybe.

My salvation for my first game came in the form of this nice, warm hunter’s hat Dave Murray, a.k.a. Mets Guy in Michigan [1], sent me a few years ago. He said every kid in the Wolverine State is issued one at birth, and why would a fine Massapequa boy like Dave exaggerate? As this Sharon Chapman-snapped photo shows, it (as opposed to the results Thursday night) allowed me to keep smiling. Dave divines its utility extended beyond warmth and that it would make me feel welcome in his adopted homeland.

Other hunters knew not to shoot you, and deer in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda had no idea you were sneaking up on them. Now, if you went without shaving for a couple days and mutter “the Lions freaking suck” under your breath over and over, you’d fit right in!