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From Casey Stengel to Casey Fossum

Who says the Mets don't honor their heritage? Tuesday night they went to St. Louis, where they played their first National League game just over 47 years ago, and paid homage to the 1962 Mets by dropping a game below .500 and appearing en route to 40-120.

The Mets leftfielder fell down.


A Mets baserunner failed to slide into home.


The Mets catcher was called for interference.

A Mets baserunner was picked off first.

Mets hitters continually left runners on base.

The Mets starter disintegrated with a comfortable lead.

A Mets reliever was overwhelmed by adversity.


A feller named Casey — who materialized on the roster as part of a series of transactions (Pelfrey aches; O'Day DFA'd; Figueroa brought up; Figueroa pitches well; Figueroa DFA'd; Fossum brought up) that recalled Harry Chiti being traded for Harry Chiti — was right in the middle of it…looking approximately 71 years old.

Which is fine if you're the manager, not so beneficial if you're coming in with the bases loaded and walking a man on five pitches.

Carlos Beltran echoed Charlie Neal. Ollie Perez showed less head than Bob Moorhead. J.J. Putz channeled Choo Choo Coleman (and deserved the J.J. hook). Dandy Dan Murphy is revealing himself to be nothing less than the reincarnation of Marvelous Marv Throneberry. Ramon Castro is Spanish for Joe Ginsberg. Ryan Church is hinting he's really Jim Hickman.

¡No la tendrían! They clearly didn't got it Tuesday night in St. Louis. Nobody there, at least on the Mets, could play this game [1].

How very Original of them.

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