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Me and Alyssa Milano

Two of your favorite baseball authors (although only one is winsome enough to get away with heretical trade proposals [1]) will be featured on SNY's Mets Weekly Saturday May 2 at noon. Alyssa Milano will be talking about her Touch clothing line and I will surely touch on the book and blog known as Faith and Fear in Flushing, the latter of which you're reading right here and the former of which you can purchase via a fine bookstore near you or from just about any reputable online bookseller, including Amazon [2] and Barnes & Noble [3]. And just as Ms. Milano has written about her love of baseball, we, too, offer some pretty stylish shirts [4]. (I heard a young girl shrieking excitedly in Alyssa's direction when she appeared at Citi Field two weeks ago, while I've been blessed to read many high-pitched responses to my own work recently.)

This same episode is scheduled to air again Sunday 5/3 @ 4:30 PM; Monday 5/4 @ 1:30 PM; and Thursday 5/7 at 1 PM.