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I'll Take Manhattan

Straight from the 5/7/09 edition of Manhattan Neighborhood Network's On the Sportslines [1], I join Debi Gallo for a three-minute discussion of Faith and Fear in Flushing: An Intense Personal History of the New York Mets. It aired Thursday evening on Time Warner Cable and RCN Cable, and now it airs on YouTube here [2] at approximately the 12:05 mark.

For Mets fans who love to read as much as they like to watch, two Q&A's to share: NY Writing Careers Examiner here [3] and MetsBlog here [4]. Enjoy these links and, if you don't mind, pass them along to friends who may not know the book exists. Word of mouth and word of Web is how something like this gets known…and it's not much of a book unless it gets read. Tell 'em, too, por favor, they can find it on Amazon [5], Barnes & Noble [6] and at most NYC-area bookstores. Ongoing Facebook discussion continues here [7].

Thank you for all your help and kind words in the two months since FAFIF: AIPHOTNYM came out. As with a certain team's winning streak and stay in first place, I hope it keeps rolling as the season goes on.