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This Hip is No Blip

Carlos Delgado goes in for arthroscopic hip surgery Tuesday, according to the Mets [1]. I guess we knew, once they halted the folly of treating him as day-to-day, that this was serious enough so that he'd require real attention and that he'd be out a significant period. Let's not play doctor, so to speak, and speculate on the length of his absence [2]. Let's not play GM either. Tatis, Reed, maybe Murphy remain the prevailing stopgap options in his stead. Sheffield played a few games there a few years ago, too. If Nick Evans finds his stroke and everything else, he could be back. Maybe David at first with Daniel at third…nah, not in the middle of the season. Whatever happens, better to be facing this from first place than from some other place.

Best wishes to Carlos Delgado for successful surgery and a speedy recovery to his right hip. In retrospect, we're lucky his back didn't give out from carrying the offense last summer.