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Forgive, But Don’t Forget

This chilling juxtaposition of photos is borrowed from our friends at the Crunch Bunch of football Giants sites Bluenatic [1]. As mentioned, a little [2], in the aftermath of Friday night’s loss, Luis Castillo not properly catching (or throwing) that Alex Rodriguez pop fly was eerily reminiscent of the fumble that tore apart the fabric of the Meadowlands universe more than thirty years ago. The aftermath of that pigskin disaster was a fresh and necessary start for the Giants, with the changes wrought by the Pisarcik-to-Csonka miscue paving the way for two Super Bowls down the road. The Mets recovered from Castillo’s non-catch Friday to win one game Saturday; don’t know where it will go from there. However long Luis sticks around, I really hope the Mets — no matter how they talk of putting it behind them — remember what that moment was like and use it go onward and upward.

As for Luis, I really do wish I didn’t have to see him first thing Saturday, but he’s here and he’s one of ours and after one therapeutic hoot in his direction this Friday, I’ll go back to telling him to go get ’em and, once you’ve got ’em, for god’s sake, hold ’em with both hands.