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Greg Prince discovered the Mets when he was 6, during the magical summer of 1969. He is a Long Island-based writer, editor and communications consultant. Contact him here.

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Francoeur Era Raging Success

Jeff Francoeur is the best thing to happen to this ballclub of ours since the butcher and the baker and the people down the street gathered to make an appointment to get acquainted with the Mets of New York town.

Jeff Francoeur is the rising tide that lifts all boats: Johan Santana threw his best game in ages; Omir Santos rediscovered his magic; Angel Pagan stayed healthy; and Bachman-Turner Overdrive blared.

Jeff Francoeur is the blanket that covers right field, the bolt that solidifies the lineup, the spark 24 otherwise flickering personalities required in order to light up Citi Field.

Jeff Francoeur is the reason the Mets are banishing Gold's from their hot dogs and topping all Franc-furters with Frenchy's mustard.

Jeff Francoeur is wearing No. 12 because he was thought to be no more than half the player Willie Mays was — but now that's he's proven that estimate was off by 100%, he'll be suiting up in No. 24 tomorrow.

Jeff Francoeur is on the Mets and the Mets are 1-0 with him and for one game, we the hypercritical Mets fans have no complaints…none at all.

Jeff Francoeur joined the struggling Mets and the Mets stopped struggling. Tell the boys from 1969 there's a new miracle worker in town.

Join us July 21 for the first of Three AMAZIN' TUESDAYS at Two Boots Tavern, a Mets night devoted to reading, rooting and, of course, Jeff Francoeur. Get all the details here. And if you can take a moment's breather from rightfully praising Jeff Francoeur, get your copy of Faith and Fear in Flushing: An Intense Personal History of the New York Mets from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or a bookstore near you. Keep in touch and join the discussion on Facebook.

10 comments to Francoeur Era Raging Success

  • Anonymous

    He's batting .500 as a Met. Not too shabby.
    He's happy to be here.
    The kid is not without charisma. If he can correct his free swinging ways he might become the team leader this team needs, taking the pressure off mild, affable David.
    He was playing for Chipper Jones' team. Now he's playing for a team that has been rudderless.

  • Anonymous

    “If on-base percentage is so important, then why don't they put it up on the scoreboard?”
    Just sayin..

  • Anonymous

    Jeff Francoeur is the reason the Mets are banishing Gold's from their hot dogs and topping all Franc-furters with Frenchy's mustard.
    Exactly. And where was Church when we needed some cool ballpark food puns?
    I'm calling WFAN to complain.

  • Anonymous

    Church didn't pull the ball nearly as well as Blue Smoke pulled its pork.

  • Anonymous

    I am a little concerned his average dropped 667 points from his first at-bat before rallying.

  • Anonymous

    I half expect to hear how Jeff Francouer can kick Chuck Norris' ass.

  • Anonymous

    I'm so glad to have found a Mets site w/ some humor & a shred of positive discourse.
    I like Jeff Francoeur, and I can't give you a list of sound, researched baseball reasons why.
    I can list a few things Braves fans didn't like, as I live in South Carolina.
    He moped when he was sent down, he bulked up too much in the last offseason & it had a negative affect on his #'s, and he asked for too much money in arbitration.
    Let's see.
    He's built up & marketed by the franchise as it's face fresh out of a local high school.
    And he got pissy & confused when they sent him down? Really?
    Most guys that age would likely have simillar feelings dropping that far in their line of work.
    It's a long way for a 24 year old to go from having toddler shirts w/ his name on them in every Wal Mart in the south to getting on the bus in Richmond for a road trip to Scranton.
    As far as bulking up…why not. Hit for more power =…well, no more bus trips from Richmond to Scranton. Right? And he asked for more money than his seasons' numbers were worth?
    Welcome to every Major League players' salary opinion of themselves.
    How many guys ask for what the fans think would be fair considering their stats the previous season?
    I know this. The guys always got a smile, I never saw him dog it at the plate or in the field.
    Somedays he's o for 4 w/ 2 k's & a GDP, & some days, he's gonna' do something that wins you a game. And as a person…off the field, he does alot in the community. a community where he grew up, went to school, & where his parents live, along w/ a bunch of jerks that print up & sell Failcoeur t-shirts.
    I'm glad he's w/ the Mets…really glad.
    I think maybe being away from his home area for the first time in his life, never mind professional carreer, will be good for him. It's almost like a kid going away to college than a pro being traded.
    Let's see how he adjusts. He's proven that he's capable in the past, something even remotley like that would be great for us, & fun to watch.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I'm really psyched about Francoeur. And, I was a fan of Church's. Seriously, if you stare at stats all day, this can look like a bad deal. And there's a whole lot of people in New York and Atlanta right now, saying that the Braves fleeced the Mets. And I'll agree, a Matt Diaz, Ryan Church platoon in right field is no joke.
    People talk about upside and potential all the time. Does anyone seriously believe that Jeff Francoeur really peaked at 23? Man, the guy had more than 100 RBI when he was 22, and again when he was 23. Seriously. Everyone. Think. About. That.
    I sincerely loved Church. Thought about buying a t-shirt more than three or four times. But this was a horrible deal by Braves management. Horrible. H.O. double-r, IBLE. Mets get a 25 year old defensive star with proven all-star potential at the plate, and the Braves get Church, a 30 year old defensive star whom they're going to platoon against right handed pitching.

  • Anonymous

    And they gave the Mets, like, $250 grand to take him.
    For Shame.

  • Anonymous

    Greg, based on your last two posts, I'm starting to believe you are actually Steve Somers.