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Francoeur Era Raging Success

Jeff Francoeur is the best thing to happen to this ballclub of ours since the butcher and the baker and the people down the street gathered to make an appointment to get acquainted with the Mets of New York town.

Jeff Francoeur is the rising tide that lifts all boats: Johan Santana threw his best game in ages; Omir Santos rediscovered his magic; Angel Pagan stayed healthy; and Bachman-Turner Overdrive blared.

Jeff Francoeur is the blanket that covers right field, the bolt that solidifies the lineup, the spark 24 otherwise flickering personalities required in order to light up Citi Field.

Jeff Francoeur is the reason the Mets are banishing Gold's from their hot dogs and topping all Franc-furters with Frenchy's mustard.

Jeff Francoeur is wearing No. 12 because he was thought to be no more than half the player Willie Mays was — but now that's he's proven that estimate was off by 100%, he'll be suiting up in No. 24 tomorrow.

Jeff Francoeur is on the Mets and the Mets are 1-0 with him and for one game, we the hypercritical Mets fans have no complaints [1]…none at all.

Jeff Francoeur joined the struggling Mets and the Mets stopped struggling. Tell the boys from 1969 [2] there's a new miracle worker in town.

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