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To the Banner Born

Jay Schreiber of the Times had a banner suggestion [1] recently: organize Banner Day anew, albeit online. He called for entries and is showing off what he judges the “most noteworthy” among them (some illustrated, some merely spelled out) on the Bats Blog [2]. I was particularly fond of this one that is credited to Paul Stoddard. Low-tech, but it really gets across the spirit of what used to be a cherished annual event. It’s supportive, it’s sentimental, it acknowledges the reality of the situation and it never forgets those three magic words that can heal any occasion.

Memo to the actual Mets management: There is no reason in hell, doubleheaders or no doubleheaders, why this core Metsian celebration of yore cannot be reconvened for real in the new venue. Even M. Donald Grant knew enough to institute, promote and continue Banner Day.