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Metsing Up The House

The Faith and Fear t-shirt has been seen this season at Fenway [1], at Rogers Centre [2], at what is now known as Pitco [3], even at the Roman Colosseum [4]. But how about this: the first “official” FAFIF shirt sighting* at the New World Class Home of the New York Mets, Citi Field? And how about Dave Murray coming all the way from Michigan [5] (and unbuttoning his flannel jersey on a heatlamp of a day) to show it off? Not a lot of Citi-identifying background here, I admit, except those disgusted [6] expressions attached to Mets garb, so you definitely know where this was taken.

The Mets said they’d be adding installations [7] of photographic imagery of historic moments to the ol’ new ballpark. We’re happy to help by offering this milestone occasion.

Get your shirt by going here [8]. And get us a picture of it in action anywhere you like by sending it here [9]. If you’d like to see everywhere the FAFIF shirt has been since its October 2006 introduction, you can take the tour here [10].

*We’ve seen others, actually, but it never occurred to us to get a picture until last week.