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Channeling Randy Newman

Century Boulevard? Victory Boulevard? Santa Monica Boulevard?

We love them! We love our Southern California baseball teams. Yes, we love L.A. We love Anaheim of L.A. We love the Dodgers. We love the Angels. Nine years after we began this decade with a Subway Series, we are keen to bookend the 2000s with a Freeway Series.

Despite the dexterity of Dexter Fowler the fabulous flying Colorado Rockie, we know exactly what looms out there. There are the Phillies, back in the NLCS for a second consecutive season after double-leaping over Huston Street the way Fowler somehow soared over Chase Utley. And there are the Yankees, who need no introduction. Even allowing for the oddballs among us (and I'm sure you have good reasons, you weirdos), Mets fandom will not benefit by either of these teams' participation in the Fall Classic. So naturally one assumes we're staring down the barrel of the Phillies playing the Yankees in two weeks.

Until then, let's hope for the not worst. Go Angels in the American League and (though I'm not crazy about them by any means) Go Dodgers in the National League. Go teams from Los Angeles. Keep baseball as geographically far from us as you can.

8 comments to Channeling Randy Newman

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but . . .
    I don't like to take chances, but wouldn't it be nice to see the Yankees or Phillies lose in the World Series?

  • Anonymous

    This is a fine philosophical question that I will need the entirety of the league championship series to ponder.
    But I don't like to take chances either.

  • Anonymous

    I-5 Freeway Series ALL. THE. WAY BABY!!!! Go Halos!

  • Anonymous

    So naturally one assumes we're staring down the barrel of the Phillies playing the Yankees in two weeks.

  • Anonymous

    i am conflicted on the issue of phillies or dodgers, but only because i think the phils lineup is more american-leaguey and might be in a better position to beat the (coughcoughCOUGHcough COUGH)skanks.
    the angels could make my quandary moot, of course.

  • Anonymous

    Some one askd me who I'd root for and I told them I'd have to slam my head repeatedly into my car door. It was easier in 1996..I admit I couldn't see myself “rooting” for the Braves….

  • Anonymous

    After a summer of complaining that their home stadium seems to love the Dodgers more than their Metsies, now their fans adopt the Dodgers too.

  • Anonymous

    Well, yeah! Couldn't agree more, Greg. At least we know that these will be two very interesting series, and whereas I probably wouldn't tune in if it were, say, Twins vs. Angels and St. Louis vs. Colorado, I'll be watching all of these games to see our two greatest enemies (hopefully!) get crushed into the ground. If either the Angels or the Dodgers don't get the job done, then it'll have to happen in the World Series, but I pray that there's a happier ending than hearing about the inevitable winner of a Yanks-Phils series.