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And This Is Better…How?

I’m with Jason [1] on this, but more so. The Mets had a decent idea to revise their pinstripe uniforms and didn’t execute. This is what it will look like. The proof will be on the players, but it doesn’t match up to the wonderful unis worn on August 22 [2] when Tom and his Terrific teammates took the field to commemorate their fortieth anniversary. It’s just…off. That horrendous drop shadow, which has puked all over Mets jerseys since 1998, is the main culprit.

Vetting Mets press releases has already preoccupied me too much of late, but I find curious the explanation that “the Mets created the retro uniform following research and positive responses to the jerseys the 1969 World Champion Mets wore during their 40th anniversary celebration in August.” This is the same organization that claimed [3] fans don’t care about items like Old Timers Day. Don’t listen to what we said; listen to what we say.

I wonder what irregular they’ll sign to fit these new not-quite-right outfits.