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The Hopefully Not Very Big Move

If all goes as planned, sometime next week we will be reborn on the WordPress platform.

This should mean very little is different. Those finding us through faithandfearinflushing.com should continue to do so. Ditto for those using our blogharbor address. All our posts are being moved over. At least at first, the design will look very familiar.

The one thing you’ll notice is that existing comments* will no longer be tagged with names — they’ll all be anonymous. This is unfortunate, and in fact stopped us from moving for a long time, but we’re told there’s no way to fix it. I also suspect RSS feeds may need to be tweaked — information when I get it. On the plus side, we will debut with better commenting tools, including the long-requested ability to edit comments. As well as better tools for sharing posts, printing them and more.

Oh, and Matt Holliday promised us if we moved to WordPress he’d sign a below-market deal, including a clause requiring the Mets stop splitting hairs over “obstructed views” vs. “sightlines” vs. “bad seats that shouldn’t have existed in the first place.”

Sorry, just kidding on that last part.

Anyway, within a couple of days the move will be under way, and we’ll close up comments on any new posts, as they won’t migrate over once the move begins. And then we’ll cut the ribbon on the new, familiar place.

Thank you to all of you for reading and commenting, and for putting up with our construction dust.

*To clarify, NEW comments WILL have names; in fact, we plan on doing away with anonymity altogether under the new platform. It’s the ones from the old posts, from before the switchover, that will, because of software restrictions, be unfortunately listed as anonymous.