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Running for Tug

You Gotta Believe we’ll be talking this up more as we move into the new year, but I wanted to alert our little slice of Metsopotamia that one of our most stalwart citizens is in the midst of doing something very special. Sharon Chapman — Inside Pitcher on the BlogHarbor version of us and the lady who takes all those great pictures of her son Ross in the FAFIF t-shirt — will be running in the New York City Marathon next fall, hopefully with confetti still dotting the streets from the Mets’ World Series celebration (one can always dream). That’s admirable in itself, but what makes it a special event is that Sharon will be running as a member of Team McGraw [1] to support the great work of the Tug McGraw Foundation [2]. We lost Tug to a brain tumor almost six years ago, and the Foundation carries on in his name, raising funds for pioneering brain tumor research and increasing public awareness of the disease.

Sharon’s initial fundraising goal is $3,000 and she’s just about halfway there, meaning she’s already passed the magical 45% mark for Tug. Anything FAFIF readers can do to help Sharon sprint past 50% and toward the first of her finish lines will go to help a cause every bit as wonderful as every Mets fan’s favorite Screwball reliever [3].

Thanks to Sharon for lacing up her running shoes this way and thanks to you all for your consideration.

To learn more and donate about Sharon Chapman’s New York City Marathon mission on behalf of Team McGraw, please visit her fundraising page [4].