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Happy Birthday Partner

As we prepare to ring in 2010, we’re also ringing in Greg Prince’s 47th birthday.

All the best to you, my dear friend, esteemed co-writer and Mets compatriot. Here’s wishing you a seat for a great game without obstructed views, however they may be defined. Here’s wishing you signing bonuses in line with the market and not Bud Selig’s desires. Here’s wishing you a ballpark full of Mets stuff. Here’s wishing you a big Happy New Year’s package from the Reds. Here’s wishing you phenoms who have a little phenom in them, veterans with leadership skills and numbers, and doctors who diagnose correctly. Here’s wishing you more Mets Yearbooks and more of Gary and Keith and Ron (and Kevin) and more of fellow fans who have something to cheer about.

And here’s hoping the same for all of you who are kind enough to read us and add your voices, and to all of us who root for this team we love even fearing it may be the death of us. Here’s to fresh starts and renewed hopes. Happy birthday, Happy New Year, happy new season.