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Five Yearbooks, No Waiting

Tomorrow, Saturday, January 2, looms as one of the finest days and happiest New Year’s greetings in sports broadcasting history. After your USF Bulls gore the Northern Illinois Huskies in the much-awaited International Bowl at noon on ESPN2 (it’s on ESPN2 because it’s twice as big a deal as any bowl on ESPN), switch to SNY by five o’clock for the METS YEARBOOK MARATHON.

• 5:00 PM — Mets Yearbook: 1968
• 5:30 PM — Mets Yearbook: 1963
• 6:00 PM — Mets Yearbook: 1975
• 6:30 PM — Mets Yearbook: 1971
• 7:00 PM — Mets Yearbook: 1984

I’m not sure if SNY planned this blessed event as a way of extending the good vibes sure to be wrought by the Bulls’ victory (guarantee of victory not included) or as a way of catapulting us in style toward the Baseball Equinox, that point on the calendar where we are exactly as far from the end of the previous season’s final Mets game as we are from the scheduled first pitch of the forthcoming season’s first Mets game. This winter’s Baseball Equinox arrives Monday morning, January 4, at approximately 2:22 AM, Eastern Standard Time. Chances are you’ll be asleep, dreaming of vintage highlight films, and hopefully not up, cursing out the callowness of Mark Sanchez or the general bizarreness of Rex Ryan.

In any event, you have been warned, so be sure to watch and/or record. And in case you missed it when we were transitioning to WordPress, be sure to check our blog-exclusive interview with Gary Morgenstern, SNY’s vp of programming [1], to get the scoop on how Mets Yearbook came to air.