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Omar Clarifies Everything, Per Usual

Omar Minaya has told Newsday…ah, y’know what? I was going to update the saga of the ‘scope, but honestly, what’s the point? Without getting into Minaya’s crystal-clear explanation that he did talk to Beltran but he didn’t tell Beltran to have the surgery but there’s no problem between the organization and Beltran even though the organization — which may be a misnomer since nobody running the Mets seems particularly organized — has gone to great lengths to express it does have a problem with Beltran, suffice it to say Omarspeak is having its way with clarity once again.

To sum up:

• The Mets are still without one of their most important players.
• It’s a wonder the people running the club don’t lock themselves out of their offices every night.

7 comments to Omar Clarifies Everything, Per Usual

  • It’s seeming to me that it has _nothing_ to do with Beltran. he’s just the excuse for a power play between Omar (or the Mets, or something..) and Boras. Which is probably not a wise move, as the Yankees tried to do the same and failed miserably and caved in to his demands. It’s similar to the Rubin thing, where Omar (or the Mets, or something..) wanted to protect their ego and pride and not let Rubin run all over them exposing and criticizing things about his team.

  • Jacobs27

    I think Dave Cameron at fan graphs is right, unfortunately.

  • Andee

    If the doctor actually got authorization on paper to do the surgery AND be paid for it, and can produce the physical evidence thereof, that means someone in the organization with the authority to sign off on it had to have done so. Shouldn’t the paperwork have someone’s name on it, then?

    It does sound like the Mets’ own doctors had no beef with what Dr. Steadman did. This sounds more like a situation where Jeff Wilpon blew an ass gasket at the thought of Beltran not being out there for Opening Day, and wanted to sell as many tickets as he could before putting Beltran on the DL, so the hell with the doctors. Just like last year. (At this point, the Mets’ doctors must be pissed as hell for having to take the fall for Wilpon’s whims.) He could have gotten twelve opinions and if not one of them said, “He’s fine, saddle him up and ride him,” that still wouldn’t have satisfied him.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Omar actually told Beltran, “Yeah, that makes sense, do what you have to do,” and was instructed to lie about it after the fact. More proof that Omar’s authority, at this point, is nonexistent. I get the feeling the Mets’ players are going to be sound-recording every phone call with management from now on, so if anyone says they’re lying about what was discussed, they have one hell of a slander suit to press.

    In any case, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. If you’re going to gang up on your best player and call him a liar in front of the whole world, you’d better have that proof.

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  • John Isom

    Alternatively, as the first-year Saturday Night Live Weekend Update with Chevy Chase would say: “This just in: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.”