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Many were the days in a previous life when I’d seek escape from a job whose novelty had long worn off with a visit to Forgotten New York [2], a site that took me on virtual tours of the shadows cast throughout the Five Boroughs by a stubborn past. Why were street signs that were no longer up to code still standing? How is it that urban renewal had whitewashed so much of Manhattan, yet some random ad for a company that hadn’t done business in decades was still visible on the side of a building? What’s with that footbridge on the Queens-Nassau border? I could explore Forgotten New York for hours and sometimes did…and still do.

I mention this because Faith and Fear in Flushing has the great honor of being featured in this week’s [3]Village Voice [3] cover story [3] as one of “Gotham’s Best” blogs, and we happen to be listed right after Forgotten New York. Just coincidence, I imagine, but that makes the notice by Roy Edroso of the Voice that much more special for me, having been a fan of FNY’s Kevin Walsh’s work all these years.

In any event, this, if not necessarily John Smoltz [4], is a nice almost-fifth anniversary present for us. Thank you to all of you who seek and hopefully find a little escape in your days by exploring the Mets’ sometimes shadowy past, present and future with Jason and me — and thanks to all the Mets bloggers who provide a most welcome detour for us, too.

By the way, if you’ve never taken FNY’s grand tour through the life and times of Shea Stadium, your General Admission ticket is right here [5].