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Hey! Ball!

The Department of Sudden Realization is reporting the New York Mets will play the Atlanta Braves in two days. Well, it’ll essentially be random fellows wearing Mets uniforms versus unknown guys wearing Braves uniforms after the third or so inning, and it won’t count in any serious standings, and the outcome will be forgotten minutes after it is registered.

But the New York Mets will play the Atlanta Braves in two days.

Professional baseball players under contract to our favorite team will pitch against and hit against and maybe even field against professional baseball players under contract to another recognizably branded organization. People will pay money to sit inside a stadium and witness it. A score will be kept and displayed. Shouts of encouragement and bites of frankfurters and purchases of programs…all those pleasing signs of spring will, for the first time in an eternity, be sprung.

Baseball! It’s February 28, it’s freezing, half the world remains snow-encrusted, yet in two days, there will be baseball. New York Mets baseball is coming to a life near you.

We can start living ours again any hour now.

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