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Better Know a City

What are you doing Sunday, March 21 and Saturday, March 27? You ought to be getting to better know New York’s baseball heritage. And you can, thanks to our friend historian Peter Laskowich starting up his truly marvelous tours once more.

As we’ve mentioned [1] on several occasions [2], Peter will bring you directly into the DNA of New York with intertwined journeys into its baseball and into its history. You show up, you take a walk, you take a train — and you end up going places you didn’t know exist.

It’s well worth the time (a few hours that fly by) and the investment (25 bucks — a fair price in general and a bargain by Citi Field standards) to learn where we came from as New York baseball fans and Mets fans.

Peter is an engaging educator and excellent companion (and a Mets fan from the New Breed days). “Tour guide” does not do him justice. He will take you on a tour all right, but it goes beyond “…and on your right, you see a bridge.”

You will see a bridge. And you will see where it leads. And you will follow the trails beyond that. You will understand as you never have before why things are where they are and how they are. You’ll get a good bit of why answered as well.

You’re a Mets fan. You read Faith and Fear. I know you’re ball-curious. Feed that curiosity. Get together with Peter Laskowich over the course of a couple of weekends — the 21st in Brooklyn, the 27th in Manhattan. You’ll be glad you did.

Visit New York Dynamic [3] for more information.