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Electric Youth

This talk of Jenrry Mejia starting the season as the setup man for K-Rod is ridiculous. If the season starts today, Mejia’s my closer.

Oh, if talent only made it so.

It won’t happen that way, but Jenrry is looking inevitable. It will take a bad case of evitablity — or yet another wave of Prevention & Recovery — to keep him off this team, assuming the way Mejia’s pitches move isn’t a mirage. Only an OutKast among Mets wouldn’t say, “I like the way they move [1].”

I sure hope I’m not seeing Julio Machado or Josias Manzanillo or Ju-ever out there when I look at Jenrry Mejia. I penciled those fellows in as oughta-be closers in their day based on larger samples. Alas, their day never really came. Jenrry Mejia Day is coming, though, and April 5 is as good a date as any to hold it.

Frankie Rodriguez needs to work the pink out of his eye. Let him set up Mejia like he set up Troy Percival long ago, back when K-Rod was unhittable (back when K-Rod was Jen-Mej). Let Parnell work the seventh. Let Sean Green park cars.