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Jane in the Rain

The Mets Hall of Fame & Museum is Amazin’, Amazin’, Amazin’ [1], yet it has to share honors as the most Amazin’ upgrade at Citi Field in 2010 with the quiet and most welcome infusion of Jane Jarvis into the sound system.

You know what plays over the loudspeakers when the Mets take the field now? Jane’s 1996 recording of “Meet The Mets”. Twice I’ve heard it at a game’s outset, and twice I’ve been moved to applaud heartily. (Let the players think it’s only for them assuming their positions.) I also heard it on the way into the ballpark last night, which made the impending rainy evening a whole lot sunnier. Earlier this month I kvelled when they played Jane’s you know it when you hear it rendition of “Let’s Go Mets,” an instrumental she composed that’s a little like “The Mexican Hat Dance,” and not at all to be confused with the “Let’s Go Mets” from the ’80s.

We note the Mets’ presentation blunders when they occur, so we should also praise them to the high heavens (where Jane is presumably doing two shows nightly) when they execute perfectly. Reinstating the music of Jane Jarvis, evoking precious Shea memories [2] and introducing new ones at Citi Field is one of the best things Mets management has done in a very long time. So caps off to them.

Want to know more about “Meet The Mets”? Read Richard Sandomir’s article about its origins and endurance [3] in the New York Times. As for the late Ms. Jarvis, her friends (and there were many) are holding a memorial tribute for her at St. Peter’s Church [4] two weeks from now, Monday evening, May 10, 7:00 PM, on East 54th Street in Manhattan, just east of Lexington Avenue. St. Peter’s is spiritual home to New York’s jazz community [5] and the perfect venue — as long as Shea Stadium isn’t available — for a night of remembrance and music. Hope you can make it.

Author Lee Lowenfish [6], who alerted us to the St. Peter’s event, tells Jane’s life story beautifully at his blog. Brighten up this rainy day and read it here [7].