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Vote for Howard Megdal?

The Megdal for GM campaign has come to Faith and Fear. If you’re a connoiseur of other Mets blogs in addition to this one (and it’s OK if you are), you’re probably aware writer Howard Megdal is running hard for the office of New York Mets general manager. While there is no known election for the post, he’s really insistent that he’d do a better job than the current occupant, Omar Minaya, and we’re determined to find out why exactly.

We will be hearing more from Howard this week, starting tonight at AMAZIN’ ALL-STAR MONDAY at Two Boots Grand Central (7 o’clock — see you there [1]!) and in the next couple of days as FAFIF goes blog-on-one with the lifelong Mets fan who professes a platform of Logic, Transparency, Passion as the antidote for whatever it is about Minayaism that might ail us.

You can read what he’s putting out about himself here [2]. And you can cast an early vote for — or against — his candidacy here [3]. We’ll be back in short order with more on his plans and promises as the week progresses. The polls are open until Friday at 5 PM EDT.

And should he or anyone from his organization be reading this, Omar Minaya and the New York Mets are welcome to pursue equal time in defending their record and presenting their ideas.