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Steve Henderson Does His Thing

Time to forget the current plight of 2010 for a moment and cheer up. Travel via the magic of video to the heart of The Magic Being Back in 1980 [1].

If you’ve never seen it in its full context, here it is [2], the most talked about home run ever hit by a member of a team that would finish a season 67-95. It’s courtesy of our own LarryDC, an unparalleled Met video pastiche auteur. The June 14, 1980 game action begins at the 1:00 mark and the home run comes just after the 2:00 mark but watch from the beginning for a little bonus coverage of what Metsomania was like as that summer broke, and for goodness sake stay tuned to the whole thing and watch Mets fans react like Mets fans just don’t react anymore.