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Standard September Mets Loss Blog Post

Expression of resigned exasperation with latest result.

Acknowledgement that result doesn’t matter at this stage of season, yet it is always frustrating to encounter this sort of result.

Link to article spelling out game details [1].

Snarky aside.

Key example of what went wrong in game.

Assertion of saving grace, focusing on how this was just one game and player who committed key example of what went wrong in game will hopefully improve.

Snide allusion to disliked secondary player’s particularly poor performance.

Expression of resigned exasperation that big picture is as bleak as latest result.

Link to article about newest discouraging development [2].

Passing attempt to project what newest discouraging development means for foreseeable future.

Explicit admission that future can’t be foreseen but newest discouraging development is indeed discouraging.

Weaving together of various recent discouraging developments so as to suggest overarching discouraging trend that makes rooting for team difficult.

Allusion to most embarrassing recent discouraging development that constitutes most disturbing manifestation of trend.

Link to terrible article [3] illustrating dimwitted coverage of recent discouraging development.

Link to good article [4] serving as counterweight to dimwitted coverage.

Half-hearted analysis of most embarrassing recent discouraging development (undermined by personal conviction that most recent discouraging development was very much a non-story, yet not commenting on it at all after a few days doesn’t feel right, either).

Link to archived blog post to demonstrate longstanding pattern of discouraging developments [5].

Conclusion of analysis finding all parties are at least partially at fault (should include at least one point nobody else has made).

Assertion of enduring fondness for team in spite of all prevailing evidence that team has become too exasperating to inspire any fondness whatsoever.

Expression of dismay that season will soon be over in spite of latest result, recent discouraging developments and bleak big picture.

Link to archived blog post from when things were better [6]to serve as reminder that things aren’t always this bad.

Gratuitous reference to Mike Hessman (optional).