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Exiting Club Hessman, Entering Club Gibson

In case you missed it this fine Saturday, Luis Hernandez hit his second Met home run, a shot under the Porch off Tim Hudson, happily booting him from Club Hessman barely two weeks after he first showed up there [1]. Impressive enough, but he did it after fouling a ball off his foot and being attended to by the trainer. Next pitch: BOOM! And then? And then he limped around the basesĀ as if he were Kirk Gibson making history off Dennis Eckersley…or the 2010 Mets’ version of it. It took Luis 34 seconds to make the trip from home to home.

Or about half as long as it took Darryl Strawberry to stroll around after taking Al Nipper deep [2].

Thanks for hanging in there, Luis. We need all the fond memories we can get to take into the winter.

In other Mets long ball news, Jose Reyes’s third-inning shot to the same general vicinity as Hernandez’s was his ninth at Citi Field, tying him for third all-time with Jeff Francoeur in the ballpark’s brief and mostly barren history. Top five as we speak: Wright 13; Pagan 11; Reyes 9; Francoeur 9; Davis 7; Murphy 7. Revisit the subject of New York ballpark home run leadership here [3].

UPDATE: Luis Hernandez broke a bone in his right foot on the pitch before he hit the home run. He deserves the Met medal of valor for that feat of foot. Get well, slugger!