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Let Us Raise Our Expectations Skyward

Sandy Alderson is reported far [1]and wide [2] as a done deal for Mets GM, likely to be announced as official on Friday.

Then what?

Why, he will whip this sad sack outfit into shape; imbue it with a perpetually winning, statistically driven philosophy; stock it with a finely calibrated mix of veterans and youngsters; fill out the rotation; add power to the lineup; teach a more aggressive form of sliding; jettison every bad contract lingering on his desk; do something about surly, disinterested concessions personnel at Citi Field besides adding to their ranks; communicate in cutting-edge fashion [3]; and replace the dirt around home plate with pixie dust, thereby facilitating a rise in infield hits.

And then he’ll hire a great manager.

Well, Sandy Alderson hasn’t not done any of that yet, so dream away, Mets fans. If nothing else, our future isn’t necessarily our immediate past. Score one for next year.