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Blood & Pleasure

• The Mets are holding a blood drive on Thursday, July 7, at Caesars Club, 10 AM to 5 PM (enter through the Hodges VIP gate; parking available in Lot G at Roosevelt & 126th). You open up a vein to help save lives and the Mets will thank you with two tickets for a home game in August and a 15% discount in the team store the day of donation. Call 1-800/933-BLOOD for more info.

• If you’re deriving pleasure watching Jose Reyes play for the Mets, treat yourself to one extra game in which he starts and potentially steals the show. Vote Reyes [1] for the N.L. All-Star team. He’s 250,000 votes behind [2] Troy Tulowitzki. Troy Tulowitzki is leading on the backs of Mets pitchers who gave up four home runs to him in April while the Mets were still trying to remember their locker combinations. What’s Tulowitzki done since? Nothin’! What’s Reyes done since? Everything! Go to mlb.com and Vote Reyes [1] as often as the law will allow. Even you who are too cool to do such hometown boosting — be a good Mets fan and support your shortstop. (Voting for Brad Emaus optional.)

• There’s a new sports cartoonist on the Web, and he’s tried his hand at dissecting the Reyes non-negotiations [3]. Check out Gary Finkler’s 7th Inning Sketch here [4].

• GKR’s celebration of the life of Dana Brand will take place at the Shea Stadium home plate marker prior to the Saturday July 16 Mets-Phillies game. Tickets — for the gathering and the game — available here [5]. I look forward to seeing you there. (And don’t forget the annual GKR Citi Field outing on August 7 [6].)

• Ike Davis (remember him? — good player, fine young man) is scheduled to be taking the figurative field Sunday evening, July 17, at Michael’s of Brooklyn [7] in a charity event organized to help Solving Kids’ Cancer [8] and the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Institute [9], both extremely worthy causes. ESPN’s Linda Cohn — big Mets fan — will be emceeing. More info here [10].

• Mets fan Roger Hess’s climb up Denali [11] to raise funds for the Tug McGraw Foundation [12] in honor of his Mets fan friend David continues apace, June snowfall notwithstanding. Read of his progress and (if you can) make a donation here [13].

New York Mets Hall of Famer Davey Johnson [14] is a major league manager again. Good for him. Hopefully not bad for us, given that he’s helming the Nationals (helming the Nationals…that would sound better coming out of John Facenda [15]). ESPN New York’s Mark Simon offers a brisk take [16] on the man who came to us in 1984 with a computer on his desk and left us with a gleaming World Series trophy.

Vote Reyes [1]. Whaddaya waiting for? Do it while he’s still wearing a Mets uniform.