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The Mets' To-Don't List

Things I Don’t Like to Think About

1. The Mets having to play the Yankees the third game of a Subway Series of which the Mets have already lost the first two-thirds at home.

2. The wait on MRI results for key Mets players who left their most recent game experiencing “tightness” in an essential segment of their physicality.

3. The prospect of the Mets being without their — or anybody else’s — best player for any meaningful passage of time.

So, if you don’t mind, I’d rather not detract from a lovely holiday weekend any more than it’s already been detracted from by thinking too deeply about any of the following:

• the Mets on the precipice of being swept by particularly unwelcome visitors at Citi Field;

• what another in an endless round of Metropolitan medical tests might show;

• a lineup that doesn’t start with Jose Reyes at its top.

Then again, it’s not like I’m not going to think about it. So I’ll think this much about it:

Mets: Don’t get swept.

MRI: Don’t show anything unusual.

Jose: Don’t be gone any longer than it takes for you to say, “Y’know what, it was just a little tight…I’m fine.

More importantly, be fine. Even seven innings without you Saturday was seven too many. I don’t want to think about what much more beyond that will feel like.

Worse than a tight left hamstring, I imagine.

The above message was brought to you by the New York Mets Unpleasant Topic Avoidance Committee. Thank you.

7 comments to The Mets’ To-Don’t List

  • eric b

    A miserable day. Seeing Ruben warming up at ss on Fox today…all I could say was, “Wait…where’s Reyes…WTF!” It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing from there.

  • Joe D.

    Even if it’s a minor injury, how much will Jose be favoring his left leg and how long that will affect his performance the rest of the season?

    Wonder if he’s now having second thoughts about not having already negotiated his contract?

  • Andee

    This is one of those days where I’m going to be very happy to be a night owl on the West Coast. I get to miss the whole thing. I just wish I knew why God loves the Yankees so damn much, and what he has against the rest of us.

  • 9th string catcher

    FOX Sports with a reminder to all MLB baseball teams – Reyes gets hurt. A lot. Keep that in mind when offering Crawford $$$. Ouch.

  • Lenny65

    Nothing like a visit from the Evil Empire to deflate what’s been, so far, a fairly entertaining little season. It wouldn’t be SO bad if they were losing to, say, Pittsburgh or the Cubs, but when it’s them the misery just compounds. I’m so weary of interleague play and the “Subway Series”.

  • James Allen

    I’m kinda worried about Reyes, I hope they don’t put him on the DL, because the Mets DL the last couple years has been like (and I’m dating myself here) the Roach Motel: players go on, but they don’t come off.

  • […] first injury made One Dog tough to catch, but for a while the DL stay didn’t put Jose out of Lance’s hit […]