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The Mets’ To-Don’t List

Things I Don’t Like to Think About

1. The Mets having to play the Yankees the third game of a Subway Series of which the Mets have already lost the first two-thirds at home.

2. The wait on MRI results [1] for key Mets players who left their most recent game experiencing “tightness” in an essential segment of their physicality.

3. The prospect of the Mets being without their — or anybody else’s — best player for any meaningful passage of time.

So, if you don’t mind, I’d rather not detract from a lovely holiday weekend any more than it’s already been detracted from by thinking too deeply about any of the following:

• the Mets on the precipice of being swept [2] by particularly unwelcome visitors at Citi Field;

• what another in an endless round of Metropolitan medical tests might show;

• a lineup that doesn’t start with Jose Reyes at its top.

Then again, it’s not like I’m not going to think about it. So I’ll think this much about it:

Mets: Don’t get swept.

MRI: Don’t show anything unusual.

Jose: Don’t be gone any longer than it takes for you to say, “Y’know what, it was just a little tight…I’m fine.

More importantly, be fine. Even seven innings without you Saturday was seven too many. I don’t want to think about what much more beyond that will feel like.

Worse than a tight left hamstring [3], I imagine.

The above message was brought to you by the New York Mets Unpleasant Topic Avoidance Committee. Thank you.