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Shirts So Good

We probably won’t be updating the world-famous Faith and Fear t-shirt to incorporate “75” into its world-famous design, but as long as we’re throwing the phrase “world-famous” around, we have a couple of relatively recent examples of the shirt out in the world, both from way back when Francisco Rodriguez was still a Met.

Here is our old pal Charlie Hangley from a Hawaiian adventure a few months back. The connotation of disaster that Pearl Harbor evokes…well, this picture was taken before Terry Collins worked his magic on Charlie’s psyche [1]. [2]

And here are two other friends of FAFIF, Kevin and Ross Chapman, following the Mets to Arlington, Tex., last month. They (and photographer Sharon) showed up and the Mets scored a Texas-size mess of runs [3]. So we thank them for that. And the wearing of the shirts. [4]

Really makes you want to get yours [5], doesn’t it?