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It’s a Marvelous Night for a Grave Dance

Posted By Greg Prince On October 8, 2011 @ 8:37 pm In 1 | Comments Disabled

I’ve been kind of busy drinking and dancing this weekend, and speaking of which [1]

Mets fans!
There’s no need to feel down
I said, Mets fans!
Pick yourself off the ground
I said, Mets fans!
‘Cause in one silly town
There’s nobody very happy [2]

Mets fans!
There’s some games you can watch
I said, Mets fans!
With no kick to the crotch
You can sit back!
And I’m sure you will find
An absence you surely won’t mind

It’s fun to tune in the N-L-C-S!
It’s fun to tune in the N-L-C-S!

You can root for the Crew [3]
Or have enough of St. Loo
And there’ll be no Phillies [4] no way!

Mets fans!
Are you listening to me?
I said, Mets fans!
They won two but lost three
I said, Mets fans!
I know it seems like a dream
But you’ve got to know it happened

No team!
Loses all by itself
Like the Yankees! [5]
The Phils are now on the shelf
So just turn on!
Frequency TBS
Their games will be among the best

It’s fun to tune in the N-L-C-S!
It’s fun to tune in the N-L-C-S!

The Cards annoy us a lot
But the Phils they are not
And for that we’re grateful

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